The following is from Adrienne Wilkinson:

The following is from Adrienne Wilkinson:

This year’s charity raffle will have multiple items (at least 10!) and multiple winners this year with a gold ticket to the 2022 Xena convention, ticket to the 2023 Xenite Retreat, and the re-donated autographed In The Tub book being our Grand Prizes. Tickets will again be $100/each with a maximum of 150 available. Every ticket gives access to all 10 items (we keep pulling names from the hat until all of the items have been won). The drawing will be held live in front of an audience at the Xenite Retreat on Sunday April 24th. If winners are in the room they will receive their items immediately. If winners are not attending the Xenite Retreat the prizes will be mailed as soon as a mailing address is confirmed.

  • Yes you can buy multiple tickets (there is no limit as long as tickets are available).
  • Yes, you can buy tickets as gifts for others (just let us know what name to list the ticket(s) under).
  • Yes, winners can be anywhere in the world and do not have to attend the drawing. 

ITEM 1: GRAND PRIZE #1: Gold ticket to 2022 Xena Convention

A Golden Ticket (Row D seat 4) at the upcoming Xena convention in Burbank California November 18-22, 2022.
*Includes duo Lucy & Renee Photo Op and 1 autograph each
Valued over $1000!
Visit Creation Entertainment for more information and event updates.
Note: Does not include travel or accommodation.


ITEM 2: GRAND PRIZE #2: Ticket to 2023 Xenite Retreat

1 Ticket to the 2023 Xenite Retreat, valued at $700!
The Xenite Retreat is a weekend dedicated to embracing YOUR place in the Xenaverse.
A three day camp in the California mountains featuring a Xena themed escape room, 24 hour viewing marathon, cosplay, trivia games, black wolf markets, episode themed dance parties, paint yourself blue and howl at the moon, a village festival, and more.
Join one of six Nations and compete to win one of three different Xenite Retreat Championships.
Xena: Warrior Princess has been off air for over twenty years. The Xenite Retreat is the only annual event dedicated to celebrating this incredible show. We have created a space for the Xenite Community to gather together and embrace the very essence of fandom, continuing the legacy of the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard for future generations.
Find out more.
Note: Does not include travel.