A weekend of paintball, charity, and celebrities

Celebrities battling it out for glory, the rest of us participating in person or online, attempting to break a world record for largest paintball battle, food/drinks/festivities, and best of all it benefits children in need all over the world…Read More

Regardless of age or paintball experience, we have some amazing activities for all to participate in.

  • Learn how to play paintball correctly and safely in a class taught by professionals.
  • Take on Sniper’s Run, a race against the clock to reach a main flag as snipers try to take you out. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest times.
  • Splatmasters, a setting where kids learn how to play paintball with kid-friendly markers.
  • Check out countless products and offerings from vendors at the tradeshow.
  • Friday night kickoff party and concert.
  • Standard and VIP camping areas to socialize and stay close to the action all weekend long.
  • Stop by the players’ orientation to learn more about the rules and prizes, and maybe even see some celebrity players and special guests.
  • Watch the Celebrity 5-Man Tournament, featuring top collegiate players teamed up with TV and film celebrities.
  • Celebrity Death Match, a last survivor standing challenge where celebs put their skills and money where their mouth is for charity.
  • Join in on the main event, an epic game to claim the winner of the 2014 Peace Fund Games.

Oh I’m Sooo In! Take me to the tickets!


The first Annual Peace Fund Games is the brain-child of Adrian Paul, during a conversation with actor Luke Goss, on the weekly radio show, Peace Fund Radio. Several months later, when actor Cas Anvar came on the same show, the games began to take shape. It has been the intent of the Peace Fund(Protect, Educate, Aid, Children. Everywhere), to collaborate with various charities to support them logistically and financially, while partnering on initiatives to help children around the world. Now the Peace Fund Games has furthered that idea, with celebrities raising awareness and funds for the causes they support.

Event Location

SC Village Paintball & Airsoft Park
8900 McCarty Road
Corona, CA 92880

Conveniently located approximately 30 min. from the heart of Orange County.

Park Contact: 562.867.9600

Event Schedule

Friday, November 7th

  • Registration Opens 3pm-8pm
  • Player Party 7pm-12am (this includes charity information, food and music)

Saturday, November 8th

  • Registration Opens 9am-8pm
  • Trade Show 10am-Sundown
  • Celebrity Tournament 10am-Winner
  • Celebrity Battle Royale 1pm-Winner

Sunday, November 9th

  • Registration Opens 7am-5pm
  • Player Orientation 8am-8:30am
  • Game On 9am
  • Stand Down 4:30pm
  • Final Battle 5pm-6pm
  • Award Cremony 6:15pm-7pm
How Peace Fund Games Work

Each participating celebrity will chose his/her perspective charity to support.

Friday – At check in and at the players party there will be information about these selected charities, so those participating can see the causes chosen to be represented.

Saturday – We begin with the five-man tournament. Twelve teams, each with three collegiate players and two celebrities, battle for a chance to win the top three places, to raise funds for each of the charities they support, by eliminating the competing teams. At the end of the five-man tournament there will be a Battle Royale. Twelve celebrities shooting it out, one on one, til the last one remains. The champion, will gain an extra donation for the charity of their choice.

For those not playing in the five-man tournament there will be other paintball challenges, a practice area, as well as a Trade show to spend the day.

Sunday – Two generals, Adrian Paul (Blue Team) and Carrie Keagan,(Red Team), will rally their troops to win the Title, Champion of the first Annual Peace Fund Games. During this part of the event the teams will be completing missions, collecting props and territories.

This will all lead up to a large scale, one hour final battle in which Generals Keagan and Paul will lead their troops for the ultimate prize, Champion of the first ever annual Peace Fund Games. Cash prizes will go to the charities of the Celebrities on the winning team. Celebrities can also gain monetary prizes for their cause, by completing secret missions during this exciting one-day extravaganza.

The First Interactive Paintball Event

Can’t make the tournament? Want to help your favorite team? Want to make a difference? Then join us live (feeds to be announced closer to game date) and view the tournament from the comfort of your home, or on any of your mobile devices. Sponsor your favorite team and help raise more money for that team’s charity of choice.

During the event live feeds will show thirteen different locations on the field in real time and the viewership can choose to help their team by donating on the website and affect the outcome of the games. Donations will be made for “Specials”, items such as, virtual grenades, rocket launchers, aerial attacks, radio blackout etc, (details to be added closer to event date), that a celebrity and/or a team can use to complete a mission. Each Special will be attained by a donation based on its effectiveness.

World Record Attempt

We will be attempting to have the most players at a paintball game, most celebrities on a paintball field, as well as 6 other attempts. So, make sure you sign up soon for this amazing opportunity and pass the word along to everyone you know. Together lets raise awareness and make this the best event ever!