Here’s an update from Adrienne about the Xena Behind The Scenes Photos Raffle. At present we have sold 15 raffle tickets and we need at least 50. All money raised goes to Adrienne’s charity. This is a very rare item/s and a Xena collector’s dream.

Click here to buy a raffle ticket (via Paypal) for $50

Adrienne is offering a raffle of exclusive behind the scenes photos.


Message from Adrienne:

Hey all,

I wanted to include a personal note, as this one is very special!

This is a set of one-of-a-kind behind the scenes continuity photos, never before available to the public, that I am offering via raffle tickets. This is a big-ticket item that could be yours for only the price of the raffle ticket.

Last year, my makeup artist from Xena: Warrior Princess found a treasure trove of old continuity photos from the series in her storage locker, where they have been sitting safely for 15+ years in New Zealand; a mix of polaroids and snapshots taken on set during filming. They are in mint condition and were specifically shot for production and used by the makeup department and other departments to keep track of the details of each episode. She gifted them to me…and now I’m offering the set to the Xenite community for charity.

How many years has it been since we’ve seen something new from the set of Xena pop up available to the public? It’s been a very long time. These photos had never been seen by the fans before, and never owned outside of production until now.

The photos are a mix of nearly 100 images of a variety of characters including Livia and Eve, Michael (Charles Mesure), Zeus (Charles Keating), Hades (Stephen Lovatt who was also recently on Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Spartacus), Solan (Nicko Vella), Aphrodite (Alexandra Tydings), Celesta (Theresa Healey), Hephaestus (Jason Hoyte), and Kahina (Alison Bruce).

They include hand written production notes, scene numbers, episode numbers and details about characters, filming, and production specific to character makeup, location, setting, injuries/makeup etc.

These brought back so many wonderful memories! As much as I would love to keep them, I know the fans will love them as much as I do, and will give them a fantastic home, so I’m willing to part with them for a great cause.

They have exceptional value in my opinion as they are truly one-of-a-kind and never before available. The entire set is available for you to own. I have put the entire set into a beautiful canvas photo album with gold leaf details that I have also signed. This set deserve some love and attention and has exceptional value. I hope you love this new discovery as much as I did!

I want to use this unique set of photos to raise more funds for charity, so have decided to raffle the item instead of through bidding. This allows us to raise a nice sum of money while also keeping the purchase price low for anyone interested. It could be yours for only $50.

Tickets are $50 each. There’s no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. Anyone who buys 9 tickets will automatically get a 10th ticket free.

A maximum of 100 tickets available.
*We must sell at least 50 tickets to auction the album.

The raffle will be held live at the 2017 Xenite Retreat. If the winner is at the retreat, they will be given the album immediately. If winner is not at the retreat, the album will be shipped to the winner, for free, the following week.