First 4 episodes of SIDETRACKED were just posted. Fun web series with Adrienne, Tracie Thoms, Wes Ramsey, Ahmed Best and many more. Adrienne plays the character of Jess.

SIDETRACKED: follows the tribulations of a group of THIRTYSOMETHINGS, whose lives are NOT going to plan. We follow EVLYN, LEIGH, JESS and VANCE on an average Monday as they juggle the LA hustle of WORK, LOVE and TRAFFIC. Each episode concentrates on one character but we quickly learn how intertwined their lives are as they try to make it in an industry obsessed with the NEXT BEST and YOUNGER THING.

SIDETRACKEDIn the journey of life, sometimes the fork in the road is a spoon.

Episode 1
Tracie Thoms, Adrienne Wilkinson, Damu Malik, David Schifilliti, Reshma Gajjar,Jessica Abrams, Julia Owen

Episode 2
Tracie Thoms, Jim Holdridge, Jason E. Kelley, Laura Walker, Kara Gibson, Alana Dietze, DeeDee Rescher, Wes Ramsey Benjamin Ayers Jr.,

Episode 3
Adrienne Wilkinson, Raquel Horsford-Best, George Barber, Lynn Wactor, Jason Lee, Ahmed Best,

Episode 4
Jim Holdridge, Adrienne Wilkinson, Steve Mazurek, Garrett Hanson, Dylan Vigus