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Loves! The most generous Xena fan ever, just donated her entire epic November 18-20th 2022 Creation Xena Convention package to me, to be used to raise funds for families in need. This package is EVERYTHING you could dream of and it is so big, we are dividing it into 3! We are doing an immediate quick fire raffle – to rehome these amazing prizes into the hands of 3 Xenites in the next 2 weeks! Every ticket has a chance at all 3 prizes (we keep pulling names from the hat until all 3 have new homes).

Beautiful Eve Art

Three cheers for this beautiful #Eve art. <3 <3 <3

Posted by Adrienne Wilkinson on Sunday, June 17, 2018

Xena 20th Anniversary – Message From Adrienne

adrienne1Today (September 4) is the 20th Anniversary of Xena Warrior Princess. Adrienne was Xena’s daughter Livia (Eve). Here’s a message from Adrienne about the anniversary

Xena has been one of the best and most rewarding adventures of my life. From the filming, to the fans, to the friendships that have never faded.   It was an honor to be part of the magic, and I continue to be in aww that I was lucky enough to be part of this extraordinary project that made such an impact.  I loved every second and will always be grateful for the experience.  
Adrienne Wilkinson
September 4, 2015


2015 AUSXIP Starship Auction Raises $25,537.52 NZD!!!

ImageAUSXIP Starship Foundation Auction Update: my face hurts from smiling so much. The tentative total (tentative because there may be some late donations directly to Starship or people rounding up (which happens often) is in US dollars first and then the converted rate since we are converting to New Zealand dollars:

Total Amount Raised (tentatively) in USD = $19,320.03
Total Amount To Be Converted (tentatively) in NZD = $25,537.52

I’m blown away by these numbers. There are three of us in this auction team (myself, Roger and Lori) and I have to say on behalf of them – THANK YOU.
There is a lot of work involved but its worth it to see this reaction. I’m totally blown away. In the 9 years since we have been doing the auction, we have raised $136,847 for Starship. It wouldn’t also be possible without Starship’s support and their willingness to help us out by creating a way to make the process so easy for everyone.

So from the AUSXIP Starship Auction team,

Thank you to those who bid, to those who contributed and to those that won. That’s $25,537.52 Starship did not have a week ago. Humbled and very proud of this fandom.