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Sidetracked Season 1 and a Message from Adrienne!

Message from Adrienne about Season 1 of Sidetracked!
Incredibly proud of this gem! A labor of love with some of the most talented cats I know. And we haven’t even talked about our magical crew of supporters who came out to celebrate the completion of this project. (will save that for another post) Can’t wait for it to be out in the world being loved-up by all of you 🙂 ❤
(red carpet shots by Bob Delgadillo)
Written by @groovindbrown
Directed by @giantmiles
Produced by @groovindbrown @mchenail @giantmiles
Cinematography @rasa.partin
Edit @embraceable_jim
Poster image by Damu Malick
Starring @groovindbrown @embraceable_jim @yo_adriennew @traciethoms
@damumalik @jkelley72 @wes_ramsey @stevemazurek @thejeespot @iamjamalhenderson
@kay-riv @lanisky @ashliepaige3 @_andylees_ @mrhappygivens @chadcoe @morganjeanquinn @puaperry
Production Stills @bynickrasmussen
Costume @reshmagajjar / @ajornov
Make Up & Hair @marleyismakeup
Sound Edit & Mix @timmymck
Color @chadwick_b_williams
1st AD @blankenshippaige
Camera @nobuyoshisakurai @santa03muto
Grip @thombrother
Production sound @zachsutermusic
Scripty @tinamarietakesla
Catering @cottagehillcatering
Featuring @blazerobertstow @kathkellerman @alexanderjschoen @croonerdane @ashleybidelspach @ysabella_love @jedediahjenk @originaldavidjackson @natalie_faith_

Message From Adrienne About New Show Sidetracked!

Hi loves!

I’m sending out the BATSIGNAL. Pretty please…with sugar and a cherry on top – if you have 90 seconds to spare, please click on the link below and ‘follow’ our campaign. No $$ is needed (though it is always welcome ) but we need to gather 60 more followers in the next 24 hours to unlock some wonderful incentives that will help us finish our series (rental discounts etc).

If you can please follow our campaign, we’d be ever so grateful. Just needs 1 minute of your time, and an email address. Many thanks


Click here for Sidetracked site

Sidetracked Series with Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne will be in a new series called Sidetracked and it looks fantastic! Check out the trailer for the show and support their fundraising efforts

Our goal is to provide complex material for actors of underrepresented backgrounds. Our cast and crew are diverse in race, sexual orientation, and age. It is a blessing to see how SIDETRACKED has brought together diverse people of similar humor and work ethic to focus on creating our best work.
About The Project

SIDETRACKED: follows the tribulations of a group of thirtysomethings, whose lives are not going to plan. We follow Evelyn, Leigh, Jess, and Vance on an average Monday as they juggle the LA hustle of work, love, and traffic. Each episode concentrates on one character but we quickly learn how intertwined their lives are as they try to make it in an industry obsessed with the next best and younger thing.

Sidetracked is unique in that a full season occurs in one day. The first four episodes are each characters’ morning, second four episodes are late afternoon and the last four are the evening. Season 2 will be another day in these four friends lives. A SIDETRACKED season can flash forward or backward in time, which allows for a fuller version of how friendships evolve and possibly dissolve on one particular day.

This show is for every thirtysomething whose looked on Facebook and thought, “What have I done with my life?” All of your friends have kids, mortgages, and vacations plans, while you are looking in the glove compartment to find change to buy guacamole at Chipotle. Our thirties are supposed to be our time to get our act together, find our true purpose, meet our soul mates, but some of us got a little SIDETRACKED.

Read More here

Crowdfunding New Series Featuring Adrienne!

Jeff Schubert from FilmNut has a brand new project and if it comes into being will see Adrienne play a hotshot CIA agent. Watch the video where Adrienne is being super cute. She’s hysterical.

Inspired by a passion for the genre, The Pragmatist is an action/adventure short film. The Pragmatist introduces strong identifiable characters and story-lines around vigilantism and ends justify the means thinking that will leave you questioning and wanting more. Did anyone say spin off TV series?

ADRIENNE WILKINSON is best known for playing Livia/Eve, the daughter of Xena in the TV series XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. She has appeared in numerous television series such as ANGEL, CHARMED, ER,  and played Captain Lexxa Singh in STAR TREK: RENEGADES. Wilkinson’s voiceover credits include numerous Stars Wars projects such as: Maris Brood in STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED, THE OLD REPUBLIC, THE CLONE WARS and REBELS.  For a full list of credits you can go to Adrienne’s IMDB page.

To support this fundraiser go here: