Adrienne is interviewed by Trekyards about her role as Captain Lexxa Singh in the new Star Trek Renegades. A longer interview will be posted in a few weeks.

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Adrienne Wilkinson (Livia in Xena: Warrior Princess; Daughter in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) has joined the cast of Renegades to portray Captain Lexxa Singh, leader of the Renegades.

Starfleet captains have a lot in common – they’re courageous, bold, have a strong sense of duty, sometimes stoic, fiercely loyal to the Federation?

Lexxa Singh is a different breed of Trek captain. A former member of Starfleet, she was always a non-conformist and continually flouted authority. This led to her being recruited outside of Starfleet for covert and deadly missions. As Captain of an elite squad, Lexxa is not bound by the normal restraints, nor does she want to be. She is daring and brash, with a chip on her shoulder – one that will keep her at odds not only with her crew, but also with those in charge. She is a direct descendant of Khan Noonien Singh (TOS; ST: II), and therefore has enhanced physical and mental abilities. She is well aware of the stigma her name and lineage brings, and has always strived to overcome it, but it continues to follow her and haunt her wherever she goes.