Adrienne is set to play a bad girl again! Adrienne plays the role of Lt. Ara Eris. The official site describes her as “Nobility’s Major Villains”

You can now follow news related to the show (and in particular Adrienne and her character) on the AUSXIP Adrienne Wilkinson Nobility The Series Subsite


The show will be available through YouTube / Vimeo by subscription. The official site says:

“Nobility” will initially be released through online sources (Ex. YouTube or Vimeo) where ad revenue will be available. Once the first two seasons have been aired, they will be packaged as a single feature-length movie and distributed on DVD/Blu-ray with extras such as the supplemental videos, deleted scenes, extended scenes, and C.A.S. Nobility shenanigans. This feature-length product will be sold in stores and online in both digital and physical format.



What is This Show About?

In the 700 years it took for mankind to spread across this arm of the galaxy, Earth became the capital world for all humanity– well, as much as any world could claim to be the capital. As new cultures formed, new alliances emerged, new races developed, and new hostilities were born. This meant the central government – the Confederate Alliance – was left in a situation we all know, one in which regional and national governments fought for sovereignty and undermined the central government’s legitimacy by any means necessary.

Some cultures even retreated from humanity entirely only to be rediscovered down the line. Such is the case with the Eujin people, a culture based on principles of genetic purity and directed evolution through selective breeding. They view it as their divine mission to convert humanity to their ways and move the species toward a higher stage of evolution. When the Eujin people are rediscovered, they join the nearly defunct Confederate Alliance with the hope of serving this cause.

Some decades later, desperate to show it has something to offer, the Confederate Alliance decides to showcase the most powerful ship in all of Earthdom, the C.A.S. Nobility, capable of dispatching any enemy or answering any distress call. Ordering the ship to be the subject of a documentary, the higher-ups have no idea that the crew of the Nobility is, well, less than noble.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, the Eujin people lobby for one of their own to be stationed on the ship to show all of humanity the worthiness of the Eujin cause. This honor falls upon Sirius Halud, a true believer. He’s assigned as weapons and Eujin liaison officer and expects to find the best humanity has to offer on board the Nobility.

Sirius is mortified when he meets the crew. Instead of the pinnacle of humanity he finds the apathetic Captain Cern sleeping with numerous crew members, the closeted navigator, Bob Takashima, desperate to prove he’s straight, the disgruntled alcoholic engineer, Mooney, who has a penchant for throwing wrenches at crewmen, and the condescending hard ass that is First Officer Pikeman who’d deck the Captain if he made a move on her. When he has to choose between the disorderly bunch that are the crew he’s supposed to defend and his own people, Sirius’ loyalties become a subject of debate.


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