Movie Update: Adrienne In New Movie Called Landfill

Adrienne has finished a new movie called “Landfill” where she’s cast as the character of Judi Birch. No date has been set for release yet. It was written and directed by Yesser Laham.

What Is The Movie About:
When a little girl begins to see the ghost of another girl her age shortly after finding a necklace at a landfill, she embarks on a journey to help the ghost discover the mystery behind her death.

Cast: Linda Blair, Adrienne Wilkinson, Christine Elise, Michael Dudikoff, Julie Lake, Chris Romano, David Lee Smith, Angela Jones, Sophie Guest, Savannah Liles, Victoria Clare, Morgan Bertsch, Madelyn Allen, Macy Peele, Josh Mchugh, Lisa Musser, and Joy Picodot!

Official Links: