Message from Adrienne about her new short film called “Seedless”. The world premiere of the film is now available to watch online. You can help get it made as a feature film by voting for it!

What is Seedless About?
A suspense thriller about love in conflict with ambition set in Silicon Valley’s world of fashion-technology and sex-trafficking.

Director:  Temi Ojo

Writer:  Temi Ojo
Stars:  Adrienne WilkinsonCheyenne PhillipsJean-Pierre Vertus


Seedless is in the top six as a national finalist so it’s imperative we get it to #1!

The screenings for Seedless are FREE!

Voting is open for 7 days starting today. You can vote once per day, everyday. So watch, enjoy and #voteseedlessmovie !!

Voting is here:

**NOTE: if you’re based outside the US, and cannot watch/vote, scroll to the bottom of landing page and choose the US (flag) as country.

Thanks so much