Interview with Adrienne by Yanis Khamsi

I had the pleasure of speaking with actress Adrienne Wilkinson. Not only does she excel as Josephine in DREAMCATCHER, available On Demand and Digital March 5, 2021; but she’s played a pivotal role in both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises!

Yanis: Tell me about your character Josephine. What’s she like when we meet her at the beginning of this story?

Adrienne: Ooooooh, Josephine. Ok, picture the coolest person you’ve ever met — and then realize they aren’t even in the ballpark to how cool Josephine is…or at least thinks she is. Josephine was written as “Coco Chanel meets Elizabeth Bathory” so she is cut-throat, entitled and rocking a fierce pair of heels. She was delicious to play. Truly exhilarating to live in a character who has utter freedom and permission to do and say whatever she wants.



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