Win a 2022 Salute To Xena Convention Ticket and 2022 Xenite Retreat Ticket!

The following is from Adrienne Wilkinson:

This year’s charity raffle will have multiple items (at least 10!) and multiple winners this year with a gold ticket to the 2022 Xena convention, ticket to the 2023 Xenite Retreat, and the re-donated autographed In The Tub book being our Grand Prizes. Tickets will again be $100/each with a maximum of 150 available. Every ticket gives access to all 10 items (we keep pulling names from the hat until all of the items have been won). The drawing will be held live in front of an audience at the Xenite Retreat on Sunday April 24th. If winners are in the room they will receive their items immediately. If winners are not attending the Xenite Retreat the prizes will be mailed as soon as a mailing address is confirmed.

  • Yes you can buy multiple tickets (there is no limit as long as tickets are available).
  • Yes, you can buy tickets as gifts for others (just let us know what name to list the ticket(s) under).
  • Yes, winners can be anywhere in the world and do not have to attend the drawing.

ITEM 1: GRAND PRIZE #1: Gold ticket to 2022 Xena Convention

A Golden Ticket (Row D seat 4) at the upcoming Xena convention in Burbank California November 18-22, 2022.
*Includes duo Lucy & Renee Photo Op and 1 autograph each
Valued over $1000!
Visit Creation Entertainment for more information and event updates.
Note: Does not include travel or accommodation.


ITEM 2: GRAND PRIZE #2: Ticket to 2023 Xenite Retreat

1 Ticket to the 2023 Xenite Retreat, valued at $700!
The Xenite Retreat is a weekend dedicated to embracing YOUR place in the Xenaverse.
A three day camp in the California mountains featuring a Xena themed escape room, 24 hour viewing marathon, cosplay, trivia games, black wolf markets, episode themed dance parties, paint yourself blue and howl at the moon, a village festival, and more.
Join one of six Nations and compete to win one of three different Xenite Retreat Championships.
Xena: Warrior Princess has been off air for over twenty years. The Xenite Retreat is the only annual event dedicated to celebrating this incredible show. We have created a space for the Xenite Community to gather together and embrace the very essence of fandom, continuing the legacy of the Warrior Princess and the Battling Bard for future generations.
Find out more.
Note: Does not include travel.

Upcoming Event with Adrienne: Xena Watch Party!


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About this event
Join us for a FREE live watch party of two episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess! Hosted by Sapphic Jam with Penny Cavanaugh (Director of Xenite Retreat) and S.C. Lucier & Meghan Rose (Writers of Xena: Warrior Musical). Special guest: Adrienne Wilkinson (Bitch of Rome).

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Adrienne Announces Xena Loot-A-Palooza!

Message from Adrienne and Announcement about Xena Loot-A-Palooza

We couldn’t get together this year for a charity dinner, or a live raffle event, or a convention, or or or…. so, I’ve been compelled to create a new event that we can all rally around and have a #GreatTimeForAGreatCause.

I’ve put together our biggest event ever…. a giant raffle we are calling LOOT-A-PALOOZA – all to be done remotely so everyone worldwide can participate. This raffle is specifically for Xenites, as it is a collection of ALL THINGS XENA. More than 50 items that I have gathered over the years – trading cards, magazines, production stills, collectables, memorabilia, signed items, autographed photos, one-of-a-kind items and very special items including 2 framed, limited edition photos signed by Lucy & Renee, and all of it can be yours for the price of a ticket!



  • 222 tickets are available.
  • Tickets are $100 each.
  • No limit on number of tickets you can purchase.
  • You can purchase tickets as gifts. Just let us know what name to list the entry under.
  • Tickets will be sold through August 22nd (unless they sell out sooner).
  • Raffle will be held online on August 23rd (or earlier if the tickets sell out prior to August 22nd).

One winner will win all the loot!!!! The items will be shipped immediately to the winner (and yes, it can be shipped anywhere in the world).

A couple of the items have previously sold for thousands of dollars on their own, and now all 50+ items could be yours for a raffle ticket! Use the items for your own collection, share them among your Xenite friends, donate them to charity events or as fundraisers for other projects.

I’m giving first chance at tickets to those of you who have participated in previous event. Tickets sales will open to everyone on June 22nd.


If you want to participate without buying tickets, you can find the donate button on the same page where you can donate any amount.

Thank you for helping to spread the word. This is truly an event for Xenites, so the more Xenites I can reach, the more will have a chance to join us for a chance at this wonderful collection. And as always, the funds we raise support families in need – this year to those suffering with food-insecurity and medical expenses.

As always thank you for your generosity, your beautiful spirits and your willingness to join as a community to support others while also having a wonderful time together. I appreciate you all so much!


Happy Birthday Adrienne!

September 1 is Adrienne birthday! Happy Birthday to this talented and awesome lady that I have mega time for. She’s truly one of a kind.

Wish Adrienne the very best for the coming year!

This blue-eyed beauty was born in Missouri. She started taking dance classes at the age of two, and was performing in recitals and on stage almost immediately. Her pursuit of dance continued through high school with various dance classes and companies.
While a senior in high school she joined a theater troupe. A showcase with casting directors led to Adrienne being offered roles in two network series. In fact, these were her first two auditions. She had fallen in love with acting. At her parents’ request, she put her new career on hold to finish high school. Then, two days after graduation she moved to Los Angeles to continue chasing her dream.
Almost immediately, Adrienne booked roles in short films and frequently landed guest spots on many shows. In 2000 she landed the role that would introduce her to the world and bring her international fame, playing the duel characters of Livia and Eve, the daughter of Xena, on the most watched show in the world – Xena: Warrior Princess(1995). Adrienne soon became a fan favorite, and when the show wrapped she quickly moved on to the lead in the UPN series As If (2002) , where she played Nikki, the boy-obsessed college co-ed. From there she has continued to make many appearances in film and TV and is sought after for her voiceover work. Fortunate that she has never had a specific “type”, Adrienne is able to move seamlessly from comedy to drama and from one distinct role to something completely different.
She is known for compelling performances that are brave, focused with intensity, and grounded in sincerity. Adrienne continues to pursue her passion and is striving to create a timeless career that can be celebrated for the unique choices she makes and the diverse characters she portrays. She surprises, delights and leaves you wanting more.