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Video: Adrienne Talks About Her Role In Sidetracked!

Hey loves. Here's a wee bit about my character Jess from SIDETRACKED. We have 8 episodes finished and plan to film the final 4 eps of season 1 this summer and release the first season for everyone...

Sidetracked Series with Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne will be in a new series called Sidetracked and it looks fantastic! Check out the trailer for the show and support their fundraising efforts Our goal is to...

New Movie: Dreamcatcher (Horror)

From Deadline and Variety- Adrienne has been added to the cast of the horror film "Dreamcatcher" Jacob Johnston wrote the script and will helm the film as his first directorial feature. It’s an...

Stunning Photo from Zensations Magazine Photoshoot!

Adrienne shares a stunning photo from her photoshoot last year with Zensations Magazine. You can read the magazine article and see the other images here:

Message From Adrienne About Seedless – Adrienne’s New Short Film!

Message from Adrienne about her new short film called "Seedless". The world premiere of the film is now available to watch online. You can help get it made as a feature film by voting for it! What...

Flashing back to that Maggie-the-cat moment.
#fbf image captured by Jana Cruder

That awkward moment when you learn that in Japan Maris wears assless chaps... 🤭😬😳

Hi loves, if you are looking for signed photos as holiday gifts (or one for yourself) click the link below for a fun selection. All items will ship quickly and proceeds go to charity <3

Adrienne Wilkinson Official Website

If you haven't had the chance to meet Adrienne at a personal appearance, you can purchase an autograph below. Proceeds from this shop support Adrienne...

Back when I could leap small buildings in a single bound...

That time I lost a bet with the wardrobe department...

That time little Cindy-Lou-Who from Whoville grew up to be an engineer in the space program... 😉🚀🎥 makeup & hair by @ImpaQtFX #startrek

We didn’t take home a trophy, but shoutout to @suspenseradiodrama
John C Alsedek & Dana Perry Hayes supported by 120+ brilliantly talented voice actors who have joined us for 6 seasons of murder most foul.😂😉🔪🧨💣💉⚰️⛏ if you aren’t familiar w/ the show, find us on iTunes

Loving this latest image of Daughter. ✨✨✨.
#starwars #theclonewars #rebels #lightsideoftheforce #mortisdaughter

But out time and our clothes gotta coordinate... 💥💕

Alexis is ready to make all your dreams come true...on one condition...
#tbt written and directed by @temiojo

I sure wish we liked each other...
#lookwhatifound #omg
#anotherlife #rideordiechic #fromthearchives #valentinesday #whythathair? #whycouldyouemailme? #xoxo #restingbitchface #meetyouatthemall #beautifulbeginnings #mutualadmirationsociety

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” ✨🌞💕

Dia De Los Muertos.
I love this day. Honoring & connecting w/ all that came before ✨.
Image by @chrisloomisfoto makeup by @JenFregozo

Shout-out to those glorious brave souls who are fierce and badass enough to dress as #MarisBrood for Halloween...May the force (and a jacket) be with you 😉😁😘💥

Nothing to see here...just taking a break from kicking some alien ass 👽💥😉🎥

I survived...#beingMiaWallace.
#pulpFiction #halloween ✨💥❤️

Sugar and spice, and everything nice...that’s what little girls are made of...

Out exploring the Universe in support of Mars Rocks/ the Mars Society ✨🚀💫

Pic by @chrisloomisfoto wardrobe by designer Galina Mihaleva

Space Barbie 🚀.
Makeup/hair by @ImpaQtFX pic by Benny Hall #🎥

Back in the day...creating #AwkwardProm pics with @tedraimi 😂😁😄

Throwing back to Sally in Lakeshore Drive. Written and directed by Michael Grais.

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