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Video: Adrienne Talks About Her Role In Sidetracked!

Hey loves. Here's a wee bit about my character Jess from SIDETRACKED. We have 8 episodes finished and plan to film the final 4 eps of season 1 this summer and release the first season for everyone...

Sidetracked Series with Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne will be in a new series called Sidetracked and it looks fantastic! Check out the trailer for the show and support their fundraising efforts Our goal is to...

New Movie: Dreamcatcher (Horror)

From Deadline and Variety- Adrienne has been added to the cast of the horror film "Dreamcatcher" Jacob Johnston wrote the script and will helm the film as his first directorial feature. It’s an...

Stunning Photo from Zensations Magazine Photoshoot!

Adrienne shares a stunning photo from her photoshoot last year with Zensations Magazine. You can read the magazine article and see the other images here:

Message From Adrienne About Seedless – Adrienne’s New Short Film!

Message from Adrienne about her new short film called "Seedless". The world premiere of the film is now available to watch online. You can help get it made as a feature film by voting for it! What...

Sugar and spice, and everything nice...that’s what little girls are made of...

Out exploring the Universe in support of Mars Rocks/ the Mars Society ✨🚀💫

Pic by @chrisloomisfoto wardrobe by designer Galina Mihaleva

Space Barbie 🚀.
Makeup/hair by @ImpaQtFX pic by Benny Hall #🎥

Back in the day...creating #AwkwardProm pics with @tedraimi 😂😁😄

Throwing back to Sally in Lakeshore Drive. Written and directed by Michael Grais.

Oooh, we are getting close! Visit for the latest updates. ❤️

Not sure what the plot of this play reading was, but I’m (we’re) CONCERNED for Lucy. Hahaha 😉🥺😁😂🎭

#tbt hanging down under w/ these beautiful, funny, talented cats was an utter joy and a total treat. Miss these gorgeous faces! ❤️❤️

My heart is full of gratitude for all of you who bring light, laughter, joy, spirit, heart, adventure, purpose, collaboration, inspiration, knowledge and delicious surprises into these exquisite trips around the sun. Many thanks! xoxo

Anybody got a wrench I can borrow? 😉. Pic by @FilMakerFactory of @PulseStudiosInc

Joyously reconnected on set this week w/ one of my fav humans.

When your interrogation skills are so intense they leave your subject hospitalized 😉 #thepragmatist

I yourself a favor and soak up the majesty of this handsome miracle of nature. 💕💕💕💕💕 #nationaldogday

#ThePragmatist #Film #CIA #Analyst

This is not a drill.🤯#AcademyNicholl #NichollFellowship #SemiFinals #Nicholl #Screenwriting #WGAFeatureBoost #EmergingScreenwriters #WGAMomBoost #WGAStaffingBoost #WGADevelopmentBoost #WGAFeatureBoost #WGASolidarityChallenge

Livia sporting the original #UnderArmor ... it's crazy how much this brand has changed 🙂 😉

Last night Mathilda came out to play. #HappyBirthdayTracie #LeonTheProfessional #CostumeParty

Can’t stand these guys. They’re the worst... ❤️😉😘. #Sidetrackedtheseries

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