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Video: Adrienne Talks About Her Role In Sidetracked!

Hey loves. Here's a wee bit about my character Jess from SIDETRACKED. We have 8 episodes finished and plan to film the final 4 eps of season 1 this summer and release the first season for everyone...

Sidetracked Series with Adrienne Wilkinson

Adrienne will be in a new series called Sidetracked and it looks fantastic! Check out the trailer for the show and support their fundraising efforts Our goal is to...

New Movie: Dreamcatcher (Horror)

From Deadline and Variety- Adrienne has been added to the cast of the horror film "Dreamcatcher" Jacob Johnston wrote the script and will helm the film as his first directorial feature. It’s an...

Stunning Photo from Zensations Magazine Photoshoot!

Adrienne shares a stunning photo from her photoshoot last year with Zensations Magazine. You can read the magazine article and see the other images here:

Message From Adrienne About Seedless – Adrienne’s New Short Film!

Message from Adrienne about her new short film called "Seedless". The world premiere of the film is now available to watch online. You can help get it made as a feature film by voting for it! What...

He loves me unconditionally...while also often being certain I’ve completely lost my mind...🐶💕😳

Fun news for the #DreamTeam this week. 🔥🔥🔥

We always took ourselves incredibly seriously 😉... you’re welcome...

Well...SOMEBODY needed to be the ringleader of this circus 🎪 ✨😉.

That special smile that says “I’m surrounded by plastic codpieces.” 😬🤔😉😁

“Wearing a great hat is like having a puppy with you...everyone wants to sip and coo over it.” ❤️

Life imitating art? Art imitating life? The mystery of character...where does one begin and the other end?? ✨✨✨

“Don’t hide your eyes, Darling...people see your heart through them.”
Image by Michael Strider @lifeafterproject makeup by @celestembeauty #adriennewilkinson

The difference between the rumor of chocolate cake vs seeing the chocolate cake! 🎂😁

And that was the moment sh*t got REAL....weird 😮😧😳🤭😬😕

A bit of Jagger-swagger✨✨✨.
Image by Michael Strider @LifeAfter_Book makeup by Celeste Maxwell.

No birds were harmed in the making of this (awesome😉) outfit. ✨✨😊 #SOCAwards

Find your light...find your light...find your light...✨✨✨

Some days the world turns upside down. Some days you have to match it.

I spy...
Image by @LifeAfter_Book makeup by Celeste Maxwell.

#Repost @sidetrackedtheseries
Sometimes you have to scream your affirmations so the universe knows you mean business. There is a wrdsmth image around LA that says “Do something every day to remind this city why the hell you’re here” . What ever city you are in GET BUSY!

Not sure why I hang out with this crew...they are always so critical. 😉😁

I’m all about personal growth, about setting goals and slaying them.
I’m also all about acknowledging yourself with kindness and joy and knowing you are enough for all you are most wanting. ✨✨ Happy New Year 💕

Image by @chrisloomisfoto MUA @AllyDoesMkup

So much fun witnessing Benny bring his dream roaring to life. 🤩 Also fun to realize Frankie and I must have the same stylist...😉😂😀

Goal: to enter the next decade with this level of sass & sparkle ✨✨

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