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Photo: A Little Lexxa Love

A little Lexxa love. Pic by @JamesSicignano #startrek #captainlexxasingh badass — Adrienne Wilkinson (@Yo_AdrienneW) February 18,... read more

Adrienne’s Twitter Archive

Here’s a nifty little tidbit about our site. We have twitter archive going back to 2011. It’s archived in Year / Month order and pretty nifty. Adrienne posts a lot on her twitter account so if you haven’t caught up, check this out.   read more

New Zensations Photoshoot Image

“It was Miss Scarlet…in the conservatory…with the candlestick.” 🙂 More fun with Zensations Magazine Photo by Max Aria Photography Hair by Maksim Leonov, makeup by Bethany Henry, Jewelry by LJ Jewelry Designs, Styling and creative director Vaiva... read more

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